Volunteer members of the Decorative Concrete Council (DCC), St. Louis, MO, traveled to Ken Caryl, CO (Southwest Denver) on May 28-29 to place and finish a decorative concrete slab for the Ken Caryl Veterans Monument. The monument is being built to commemorate veterans as well as those on active duty and in the reserves in all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. The DCC is a specialty council of the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC).

Volunteers formed and placed 1000 SF of textured concrete and colored exposed bands. The finish is a combination of a light tan colored concrete with two slightly darker bands running through the slab in a “cross” design.

Ken Caryl Concrete Construction.

Chris Sullivan of ChemSystems, Inc., Littleton, CO, was the project manager for the concrete installation. He worked with local community leaders to plan a simple, yet beautiful representation of decorative concrete. Local ASCC and DCC members donated time, people, and materials. “Over $52,000 in time and materials were provided,” said Sullivan.

Companies supplying tools, materials, and service include Aggregate Industries, CEMEX, ChemSystems Inc., Clemons Concrete Coatings, CNA, Colorado Hardscapes, ConcreteNetwork.com, Concrete Equipment and Supply, Diamatic USA, H&C Decorative Concrete Products, Lakebrink’s Custom Concrete, McClure Concrete, McMahon Contracting, L.P., Peterson Group, Pritchard Concrete, Putzmeister America, Sika Greenstreak, Somero, Southwest Concrete Pumping, Sticks and Stones Supply, TODDROSE Decorative Concrete, Wagman Metals, and Western Hardscapes. (ASCC members in bold).

The DCC is the only professional organization dedicated to focusing on the issues, trends and work of the decorative concrete industry, and to meeting the needs of the contractors who pursue this specialty market. Made up of decorative concrete contractors that install decorative concrete, manufacturers, and other interested parties, the mission of the DCC is “Advancing Decorative Concrete Contractors Through Education and Networking.”

For more information on the ASCC and DCC visit the website at www.ascconline.org.