JCB-themed Diggerland USA, a construction-themed adventure park in West Berlin, NJ featuring specially modified JCB construction equipment, will celebrate its one-year anniversary with a special event on Saturday, June 13, 2015. 

“We’ve been honored to play a role in the development of this unique theme park,” said Thom Peebles, Vice President of Marketing for JCB North America. “Since opening its doors one year ago, Diggerland USA has provided a whole new group of children and families with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with heavy equipment in a safe, fun atmosphere.”  

The anniversary celebration will feature the unveiling of a special, top-secret gift from JCB as well as a performance by the world-famous JCB “Dancing Diggers” backhoe stunt team at 2:00 PM. The Dancing Diggers perform intricate and spectacular routines set to music.  Backhoes circle and weave past each other with split second precision and only inches to spare.  Drivers form up and use their hydraulics to turn their machines into sculptures.  Buckets and shovels become acrobatic arms, lifting the machines clear off the ground, allowing them to even perform hand-stands. The show at Diggerland’s one-year anniversary party will be one of only two Dancing Diggers performances planned in the United States during 2015.

“The Dancing Diggers are truly a unique talent, and with the majority of our machines being manufactured by JCB, having the performance on our one-year anniversary is quite special,” said Ilya Girlya, co-owner of Diggerland USA. 

Diggerland USA opened to the public on June 14, 2014. It features 24 attractions, including the newly added JCB WorkMax UTVs. Most of Diggerland’s attractions consist of modified JCB equipment, allowing children and their families to drive, ride on and operate heavy equipment in a safe, family-friendly environment. 

“We cannot wait to celebrate our one year of being open,” said Yan Girlya, co-owner of Diggerland USA. “We really love this park, the people who visit us and our staff. This celebration will have something for everyone.”

“Diggerland USA is playing a dual role by both entertaining and educating children who may someday want to turn their experiences here into life-long careers in the construction industry,” said Peebles. “We congratulate Diggerland on its first year of operation and we wish our friends many years of continued success."