Collicutt Energy Services Inc., one of the largest power generator sales and services providers in the West, recently expanded its rental division by purchasing over $1.5 million in new equipment, further underscoring its commitment to “Raising the Standards.” Collicutt’s fleet of diesel generators and load banks provide reliable solutions for customers’ power generation needs.

Collicutt Energy is committed to helping customers meet and manage emergency situations, and limit the risk associated with power outage, disaster recovery and adverse weather conditions. Featuring low fuel consumption, long service intervals, and low emissions backed by more than 60 years of experience, Collicutt’s rental generator units are designed to perform. Collicutt’s recent rental equipment purchases include: three 1000kw generator sets, two 500kw generator sets, two 2500kw resistive load banks for testing of existing customer generators, and a new environmentally friendly 45kva Tier 4 final diesel generator set. With these recent rental equipment purchases, Collicutt will continue to provide premium technology options for customer’s temporary and long term power needs, as well as high quality load banks for testing.

“We can now handle additional larger projects, and with the new 1000kw ULSI universal load sharing controller, we can parallel with other generator sets already used by customers,” said Steve Campbell, director of rentals, Collicutt Energy. “In addition, our new 500kw units are lightweight and will have a smaller energy footprint than the typical 500kw in the power generation industry.”

This expansion and growth in the rental division will now equip Collicutt with an additional 4mw of mobile, self-contained generator power to provide customers when and where they need it, and especially if they are facing any kind of emergency. Customers throughout the Western U.S. and Canada trust the Collicutt brand to provide responsive service and reliable power for a wide range of applications including healthcare, data centers, airports, manufacturing plants and independent power stations.

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