Shea Concrete – one of New England’s largest suppliers of precast concrete products — has announced that they will begin offering new products this year in coordination with the re-opening of their plant in Nottingham, NH. With the addition of this plant, Shea Concrete now has four production plants with the other facilities in Amesbury, Rochester, and Wilmington – all located in Massachusetts.

The 23-acre Nottingham plant was originally owned and operated by New England Precast. Shea Concrete acquired the company in 1999 – along with the employees and locations in Amesbury, MA and Nottingham, NH. Shea closed the 50×100-foot Nottingham plant in 2008 after the economy faltered. Increased demand for the company’s products coupled with the improvement of the economy created the need for another production plant.

“This new plant has allowed us to redefine pre-existing product lines and launch several new ones,” says Jerry Mailloux, Plant Manager at the Nottingham location. “It was exciting to learn that I would be at the helm of the Nottingham plant as the company moves forward with producing these anticipated products to better serve our customers. It has also allowed us to increase production of highway, traffic, and ITS products for the New Hampshire Department of Transportation.”

New products introduced this year to an already extensive product line include:

  •     1250/500 Combination Tank (1250 Septic with a 500 Pump chamber)
  •     1250 Monolithic Septic Tank
  •     Plastic extensions for septic tanks
  •     Sign posts with precast base
  •     Steel bollards with precast base
  •     Complete line of Handholes, Manholes and Transformer Pads for utility companies such as Eversource, Unitil, Liberty Utilities, and New Hampshire Electric Cooperative
  •     A variety of fabricated metal Trash Racks, Weir Plates, Bar Grates
  •     NHDOT Precast Products

Until the re-opening, the Nottingham plant had been used primarily as a storage facility. Greg Stratis, Manager at Shea Concrete, says the company held onto the facility for its prime location and its ability to eventually increase production and inventory capacity. “We want to expand our market share north of the New Hampshire-Massachusetts border,” says Stratis. “This plant doesn’t just give us a location to better serve customers in New Hampshire, but also an increased production capacity and inventory to the meet the rising demand for our products across the New England area.”

One of the main goals of the re-opening is to better serve customers throughout New England and to better serve utility companies in New Hampshire, according to Jerry Mailloux, Plant Manager at the Nottingham location. Mailloux – with over two decades of experience in precast concrete – joined Shea in 2014.

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