Asphalt Kingdom, the internet’s best-known asphalt maintenance site, today announced a new time-and-money-saving crackfill melter applicator product, the RY10 Professional Melter. Its sealed 50,000 BTU burner allows asphalt professionals to seal cracks up to 50% faster than a traditional melter.

Weighing in at 140lbs, this portable 10-gallon melter is designed for the small to medium-sized contractor who needs to lift equipment on and off a trailer. It melts a 25-lb block of rubberized crackfiller 35% faster than a traditional melter and its enclosed design means there is less flame out experienced on the job. It also uses up to 75% less fuel than a traditional melter/applicator.

The enclosed burner format also means that there are none of the hot spots that plague other melters. Even heating means that the crackfiller is not subject to crystallization, a common problem on the jobsite now.

Other innovative features of the melter include a stainless steel heat shield that protects the fuel line from the heat of the melting kettle. The RY10’s regulator, fuel lines and flame-out sensor put safety first, and have achieved CSA / UL approval.

The unit is also designed to help a contractor work faster. It features an electric push-button start design. Application and agitation controls exist side-by-side on the handlebars, so the hot mixture can be agitated without having to stop. This means the unit is capable of sealing up to 450 feet of cracks per hour.

No detail was too small for consideration in the redesign. Product Manager Leigh Kuhn stated “There were small improvements in the design that resulted in big improvements for contractors. We switched to a glycerine-filled thermometer to minimize impact from the constant vibrations on the unit, and then we created a protective metal bar to surround the thermometer, preventing any damage from moving the unit in and out of trucks. We also switched to twin row bearings and grease fittings on the dual front casters to improve tolerance for vibration and debris. Making these items sturdier means a longer-lasting unit that contractors can rely on all season long.”

The RY10 is available online at and ships FedEx in 7 business days or less. It has an introductory price of $1,325, including shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States.

For more information, visit the company’s website at

source: PRWeb