Honeywell recently announced new Miller® Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems to provide workers with exceptional mobility and fall protection while working at heights on or above vehicles or elevated machinery.

Featuring an open track design, Miller Rigid Rail Systems are engineered to enable easy movement while reducing the risk of injury in elevated work environments on such applications as truck tarping, machinery maintenance, rail loading and unloading, and vehicle maintenance.

Three types of Miller Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems are available in various configurations and support center distances — making fall protection easily customizable and cost-effective:

  • The Inverted “L” System (single rigid rail) provides fall protection coverage for working at heights on vehicles or elevated machinery. The single foundation design is ideal where space for a foundation is limited.
  • The “T” Dual Track System (dual rigid rail) delivers dual fall protection coverage for working side-by-side on top of vehicles or elevated machinery. The single foundation design and parallel tracks make this system ideal for railroad tracks running parallel in close proximity — or two truck loading stations.
  • The “P” Series System (portable single rigid rail) is an economical solution for applications requiring temporary protection for working at heights. The modular design enables the system to be transported by forklift to a new location in just minutes.

The patented truss-integrated rigid rail on the Inverted “L” and “T” Dual Track systems allows for a single support column/foundation — for quicker and more flexible installation and reduced cost. Additional features include continuous lateral fall arrest protection along the full length of the system — which greatly reduces swing fall hazard. In addition, the system’s reduced fall clearance requirements, as compared to cable lifeline systems, enable workers to work on applications low to the ground. The systems may be self-installed — or installation services are available from Honeywell Technical Service by calling 800-873-5242.

These new Miller Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems are available immediately. For more information, visit, contact your nearest Miller/Honeywell distributor, or call Honeywell Customer Care in the US at 800-430-5490 or in Canada at 888-212-7233.