Western Kansas Manufacturers Association, sponsor of the annual 3i SHOW, and Victory Electric invite the public to daily Electric Safety Demonstrations during this year’s 3i SHOW being held October 8-10! Victory Electric Cooperative linemen will host daily power line safety demonstrations in space O-128 using live, high-voltage, true-to-life series of flashes, flames, sizzles and smoke.

Victory’s safety demonstration at the 2014 3i Show.

The demonstration is designed to teach students and adults alike about electricity, electrical safety and lightening safety. Because the public is constantly exposed to the many benefits and potential dangers of electrical power, the goal of this program is to help people better understand how electricity provides an improved way of life and the dangers of electricity when used improperly. Safety is stressed at all times by co-op personnel who conduct these informative demonstrations which are presented in an age-appropriate manner, based upon the viewing audience.

"It has always been extremely important to us to educate our members about the dangers of power lines and electricity as a whole," said Shane Laws, Victory Electric CEO. "It's a fun, yet very educational display and really brings to light the safety hazards related to high-voltage power lines."

The Victory Electric Cooperative Assn., Inc., a member-owned electric distribution cooperative, is headquartered in Dodge City and serves all or parts of nine counties in southwest Kansas. Victory was organized in 1947 to serve primarily farm residential services. Through the years, Victory has expanded to a broad consumer base of diversified loads ranging from industrial, commercial and irrigation loads with 2,700 miles of transmission and distribution line. For more information, visit Victory’s Web site at www.victoryelectric.net.