So, you can’t find that drill in that pile of tools in the back of your cargo van? You’re not alone! With all of the equipment that contractors need to transport for work, it’s very easy to let the mess get out of control. Keep everything organized with these top storage solutions for your equipment. You’ll never misplace that drill again!


Equipment: Oversized Materials such as Drywall, Lumber, and Conduit
Storage Solution: Perimeter Rack

It’s so critical to secure the cargo on the roof of your van for not only your safety, but the safety of other drivers on the road. A perimeter rack attaches to the roof of a work van and allows you to easily secure your extra-long or oddly-shaped materials.


Equipment: A Bulky, Heavy Ladder
Storage Solution: Ergonomic Ladder Rack

Let’s not kid ourselves, ladders can be a pain to transport from job-to-job. They’re bulky, heavy and not very easy to load and unload. Look for an ergonomically-designed ladder rack that lowers the ladder towards the ground for easier loading. Your back and shoulders will thank you!


Equipment: Small Parts such as Nails, Screws, and Washers
Storage Solution: Drawer Units with Dividers

Small parts can be easily lost in the clutter of a disorganized work van. Lockable drawers with dividers help to keep everything neat, tidy, and secure during transportation. For an added organizational bonus, be sure to label the drawers so that you can quickly and easily find the parts you’re looking for.


Equipment: Valuable Equipment
Storage Solution: Lockable Drawers and Cabinets

Contractors often carry a lot of valuable tools in their work vehicles. Make sure that it’s safe from theft and extra secure during transportation with lockable drawers and cabinets.


Equipment: Hand Tools
Storage Solution: Heavy Duty Aluminum Toolbox

General contractors have no shortage of hand tools. When you’re on a job, you never know what situation will arise, so it’s important to have your full arsenal of tools on hand. Keep everything dry, organized, and secure with a heavy duty aluminum toolbox for your pickup truck!


Equipment: Paperwork, Catalogs, and Files
Storage Solution: File Storage

Paperwork can get disorganized and messy pretty darn quick if you don’t have a practical storage solution for it in your work vehicle. Invest in a file cabinet or a literature holder that can mount to any vertical surface in your van. 


Equipment: Everything Else
Storage Solution: Adjustable Shelving

Shelving is one of the most versatile storage spaces available for work vans, especially when it’s easily adjustable – it can be used to store virtually anything! Maximize the space and organizational capabilities with a bin system and dividers.

General Service Upfit Package for the Ford Transit. (Photo courtesy of Adrian Steel Company)


By Todd Goldmeyer | Marketing Manager | Adrian Steel Company

Adrian Steel Company is a manufacturer of cargo management solutions, including ladder racks, steel partitions, heavy duty shelving, and more. Established in 1953, Adrian Steel produces high-quality, long-lasting equipment for vans, pickup trucks, and trailers. Browse Adrian Steel’s trade packages designed specifically for contractors.